ESL Instructor


​Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist

I am a native Japanese and English speaker with an extensive background in translation, ESL teaching, and speech therapy/audiology.

Being born in Tokyo and raised in Chiba and California, I am fully bilingual and bi-cultural. I have a degree in TESL from Hawai`i Pacific University and a Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy degree from a Japanese rehabilitation school.  I also speak conversational Spanish (DELE B2) from my backpacking days, so you could say I am pretty passionate about languages and words.

My unique upbringing of being born in Japan and spending my formative years in the US has not only enabled me to be bilingual, but also empathize with those who struggle with languages to convey their thoughts, be it for linguistic reasons or medical reasons, such as aphasia.

This is one of the strongest reasons why I have decided to pursue my calling of ESL teaching, translation and speech therapy.

When I am not in class or translating, you will find me at the gym crushing weights, getting ready for my upcoming triathlon and open water races, or crocheting on a towel at the beach.

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